Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tonight, Westmoreland awaits ‘Hope’

Anticipating President Obama’s first official address to Congress tonight, U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland said he’d like to hear ideas for jump-starting our economy that Republicans can support.

“Americans are hurting,” Westmoreland said. “I heard it at my town hall last week. I get mail and phone calls from constituents who have lost their jobs or can no longer make ends meet. I know small businesses in Georgia are laying off workers and closing every day.

“I want to hear some hope,” Westmoreland continued. “We’ve had change – we’ve had over a trillion dollars worth of change; we need some hope. We’ve had nothing but bad news and grim assessments of our economy. Tonight, the president needs to rise above that and lift up the American people.”

Westmoreland would like to see the president support a Republican plan to freeze federal spending as we face a $1.4 trillion deficit this fiscal year.

“Tonight, I want to hear the president talk about getting about our fiscal house in order by tightening our belts and making tough decisions just like American families have to do every day,” Westmoreland said. “We’ve heard some talk about raising taxes on the ‘wealthy.’ That’s a job-killer. Of the taxpayers who report more than $250,000 in income, 64 percent are small business owners. That’s taxing the job-creator that we need humming right now more than ever.

“Congress two weeks ago spent $787 billion on a ‘stimulus’ plan that’s probably not going to create too many jobs. Now we’re going to spend another $400 billion on an omnibus spending bill this week. The president, to his credit, keeps talking about fiscal responsibility but his fellow Democrats in Congress are having none of it. They’re spending sums too big for the human mind to even imagine. We’ve racked up more debt this year alone than the nation accumulated all together in its first 200 years of existence – and that includes the Civil War and WWII. We run the risk, I fear, of doing permanent damage to our economy and standard of living if this doesn’t stop. The president spoke this week about cutting the deficit in half in five years. That doesn’t impress me when the Democratic Congress has doubled the deficit in four weeks.”
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