Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chambliss Opposes Sebelius Nomination

U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., today made the following statement regarding Kathleen Sebelius’ nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

“By recently vetoing a bill on late-term abortion, Gov. Sebelius ignored the will of Kansans. By not paying the taxes she owed until just before her confirmation hearing, she ignored the laws of the United States.

“I also believe it is inappropriate to place someone with her record of disregard for human life into a national health leadership role. For those reasons, I oppose Gov. Sebelius’ nomination.”

Sebelius Nomination: Not the End of the Fight But the Beginning

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement after the U.S. Senate approved Gov. Kathleen Sebelius's nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services by a vote, 65 to 31.

"We urged senators to vote no on a nominee who has abandoned women and children in her state and aligned herself with notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller. Despite how liberals portray her, Kathleen Sebelius is not your garden variety 'pro-choicer.' Her record, including support for gruesome third-trimester abortions, veers well left of even Senators Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Pat Leahy (D-Vt.), and former Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

"Considering the country's revulsion for late-term abortions, it should be toxic for anyone to associate with a man like George Tiller. It is even more reprehensible that our President would elevate such a person to a leadership post at the largest government agency.

"Some Republicans have apparently been swayed by the argument that as bad as this appointment is, President Obama would simply come back with someone equally objectionable if her confirmation was denied. Certainly he has done so with other sensitive appointments, like his choices for Ambassador to the Vatican- several of whom have been rejected because of their extreme abortion views-with no end in sight.

"Our supporters contacted the U.S. Senate by the tens of thousands. However, her confirmation does not bring this fight to an end. The public outcry against this nomination has been strong and growing and it will continue to build. We will work to ensure that health care 'reform' is not infected with Sebelius's pro-abortion views. The American people will not accept public funding of abortion as 'health care' or the crushing of conscience rights, which will drive medical personnel from their fields."
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Cap and Trade, Trade and Vote, Americans Still Pay the Price

Trading favors for votes? Say it ain't so. Oh, wait, I forget. This is business as usual in Washington.

Another interesting story on cap and trade and the behind the scenes scramble to protect some states and not others has been published. It doesn't seem fair that some states would have to shoulder more of the national energy tax than others. Actually, the cap and trade really doesn't make any sense at all for future economic growth. In fact, the proposed new energy tax that Americans won't be able to deduct will dearly cost us all.

To get votes, Waxman offers cap-and-trade breaks

n exchange for votes to pass a controversial global warming package, Democratic leaders are offering some lawmakers generous emission “allowances” to protect their districts from the economic pain of pollution restrictions......http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/To-get-votes-Waxman-offers-cap-and-trade-breaks_04_24-43592342.html

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Georgia Libertarian Receives Sam Adams Alliance “Tea Party Award”

The Libertarian Party of Georgia is happy to announce that LPGa’s Communications Director James Bell, 49, has won the “Tea Party Award” presented in Chicago on April 18 at the Sam Adams Alliance 2nd Annual Sammies Awards (www.samadamsalliance.org).

Bell, who is celebrating his 20th year as a citizen activist, was recognized for his efforts in helping to defeat two Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) referenda in Douglas County, Georgia. Bell’s work with the Douglas County Taxpayers Coalition (DCTC) saved taxpayers more than $200 million.

“I am proud to be recognized for my efforts in leading a fight against higher taxation,” Bell proclaimed. “My efforts have been made possible with the support of many others who have selflessly stepped forward to offer their time and talents to a worthy cause.”

The Tea Party Award recognizes organizers of grassroots events that make a strong political point, initiate a public discussion, or earns media attention on an important state or local issue. Something like the Boston Tea Party: $5,000 cash prize!

The Sam Adams Alliance honored and presented a total of $40,000 in cash prizes to the winners at a red carpet ceremony the evening of April 18, 2009 at the Marriott Renaissance North Shore in Northbrook, Illinois. Winners were flown to Chicago from all over the country, so they could receive their recognition in an appropriate manner.

“The Sam Adams Alliance believes the winners should receive their awards from distinguished individuals whose own work merits presenting such high honors,” said Paul Miller, Communications Director of the Sam Adams Alliance. “We are proud to have so many champions of individual liberty and economic freedom presenting Golden Sammies to the winners.”

Guest presenters included best-selling author Michelle Malkin, Stephen Moore and John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, and Mary Katharine Ham. Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig presented Bell with his Tea Party Award.

Learn more about the Douglas County Taxpayers Coalition (DCTC) by visiting their website at www.DouglasTaxes.com
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Released - An Independent Call by Katherine J. Morrison

An Independent Call, is the amusing story of a New Hampshire Independent and McCain supporter in the 2008 election. Along with a lighter take on the presidential election, An Independent Call gives an insightful look at the political parties, and the media during this two-year long process.

An Independent Call is a fun and original take on the presidential election through the eyes of a New Hampshire Independent and McCain volunteer. It recounts the journey of a skeptical observer as she was converted into a die-hard McCain supporter. From meeting candidates from both sides of the aisle, to becoming a blogger for McCain, to being chewed out on campaign phone calls, to receiving press credentials for the Republican National Convention, this account relates the experience of being a participant at the lowest level politics from an outsider's perspective.. An Independent Call is a mix of good humor and political opinion from the middle.

An Independent Call is published by Broad Side of the Barn Publishing, and is available for purchase on their website – BroadSideoftheBarn.com . The author Katherine Morrison is a New Hampshire resident and blogger. She is the creator/author of PurplePeopleVote.com, and has a background in web development.

Rockingham NH County Commissioner, Maureen Barrows, recommends An Independent Call stating that it is…

"A must read for anyone interested in the day to day life of a volunteer in a political campaign...attention to detail is brilliant."
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Open Letter to President Obama on Assisting Young Men of Color Make a Better Life

/PRNewswire / -- The following is a letter written by Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell, director of Morehouse School of Medicine's Community Voices:

I applaud your recent creation of the White House Council on Women and Girls to help ensure we are treated equally in public policies, by employers and in every other aspect of American society. I must also urge, however, that you place a similar emphasis on men and boys, particularly young men of color, who face some of the steepest hurdles in American society.

The reasons cited in forming the new council are just -- throughout our nation's history women have often been treated as second-class citizens when it comes to earning a livelihood, climbing the corporate ladder and even exercising the delayed right to vote. Let us not forget that the Equal Rights Amendment was first drafted in 1923 -- and has yet to be ratified.

To be sure, the new council will focus attention on continuing the progress that has been made through the decades as women have crashed through the glass ceiling.

But I would argue that young men of color face even more daunting circumstances. Young men of color face challenges ranging from a justice system that disproportionately incarcerates them to media and entertainment industries quick to portray them as worthless, violent and criminal. Even before the recession, our young men of color faced a bleak job market where discrimination, globalization and structural change made it difficult for them to find good jobs and succeed in life. With the nation's economy in a tailspin, the unemployment of young men of color has been spiraling out of control.

Consider this sampling of data:

-- High school graduation rates for males of color -- African Americans
(42.8 percent), Native American/Alaska Natives (47 percent) and
Hispanics (48 percent) -- are far lower than for whites (70.8
-- Minority youths are disproportionately in the juvenile justice system:
African Americans (1,004 per 100,000), American Indians (632 per
100,000) and Latinos (485 per 100,000) compared with whites (212 per
-- More than 29 percent of African-American boys who are 15-years-old
today are likely to go to prison at some point in their lives,
compared with 4.4 percent of white boys the same age.
-- The mortality rate from homicide for African-American boys ages 15-17
is 34.4 per 100,000, compared with 2.4 per 100,000 for non-Hispanic
white boys.

Let's face the reality. It can be a gritty and dangerous world on the streets of urban America, on the impoverished Native American reservations and in the camps of migrant workers. In many cases, government and much of our society turn their back to these conditions and ignore their existence--rather than seek to allocate resources and develop policies to redress the conditions that threaten the survival of young men of color.

An array of public policies enforced by the schools, police and courts has helped put young men of color at such a disadvantage. These policies range from mandatory-minimum sentences to zero tolerance of behavioral offenses in schools to minimum wages that do not afford a young adult an opportunity to support himself, let alone a family. These public policies have often been popular with the public, but collectively have built many of the barriers to young men of color leading productive lives.

Moreover, the media and entertainment industries have also contributed greatly to raising these hurdles.

Clearly, a disproportionate number of young men of color have dropped out of school, been arrested and been left jobless. Still, there are countless others who go to college, succeed in their jobs, are good fathers and make outstanding accomplishments in their lives. Unfortunately, however, very little information is shared about their achievements or successes. Rarely are young men of color projected or viewed as positive role models.

While there has been a growing angst over the misdeeds of some, there has been little attention paid to what public policies or social determinants have contributed to the plight of young men of color.

Certainly, some of the responsibility lies with the child or teenager who made wrong decisions, as well as with family members who failed to help youngsters overcome critical obstacles and to guide them to a more productive course. But we cannot underestimate the powerful negative impact of the stereotypical portrayals, the glorification of criminal and violent behavior in movies and television, and the lack of good news stories about young men of color on the airwaves.

Mr. President, what you can do is create a council that looks into how public policies can be amended and how portrayals of this demographic can be changed. As others have stated, the women and girls that you want to help prosper need male counterparts to build strong families.

You can take a huge step by creating a council that helps men, particularly young men of color, be successful in American society. Right now, they often face insurmountable challenges.

Men need your help, too.


Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell

Director of Community Voices of Morehouse School of Medicine

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

US Moves on Iran Nuclear Trade; Biden Warns Israel Not to Strike Iran

Hat Tip to @Flap on Twitter for sharing an article from China Confidential. We've added a few others of related interest:

US moves on Iran nuclear trade
By Joanna Chung in New York and Daniel Dombey in Washington
Published: April 7 2009 19:17 Last updated: April 7 2009 19:17
New York prosecutors joined with the Obama administration on Tuesday to shut down a China-based network that allegedly supplied Iran’s nuclear and missile programmes with the unwitting aid of some of Wall Street’s biggest banks.
The action is likely to prove a test of the administration’s relationship with Beijing, which to date has been unenthusiastic about sanctions on Tehran. The move came as US Vice-President Joe Biden warned Israel not to strike Iran and as Washington sought to win time for possible negotiations with the Islamic Republic by slowing down Tehran’s progress towards nuclear weapons capability.

Biden told Israel to accept nuclear Iran
Israeli experts warn that it is only the real threat of force that stands a ... tensions on who(Israel/US) is going to strike Iran grows also. ...

Biden warns Israel off any attack on Iran
Vice President Joe Biden tells CNN that the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be 'ill advised' to try to strike Iranian nuclear facilities. Vice President Joe Biden issued a high-level admonishment to Israel's new government Tuesday that it would be "ill advised" to launch a military strike against Iran.

Biden warns Israel not to attack Iran
WASHINGTON Amid growing concern that Israel might attack Iran, Vice President Joe Biden warned Tuesday that Israel's new government would be "ill advised" to launch such a strike. Biden also said in a CNN interview that he does not believe Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would take such a step.

Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party Protest

Letter from organizers:

Dear Fellow Patriot:

On Wednesday, April 15th, from 7 - 10:15 pm, taxpayers, voters, small business owners, parents, and even children are expected to gather at the State Capitol for a modern day "tea party." We will be sending a message that we want to be free from big government intervention in our lives. Our lawmakers are considering policies that will raise taxes on families and businesses and put more control in the hands of government. There is no better time to make a statement that we've had enough of pork, taxes and big government spending!!! Our message is very clear. Either repeal the pork or we will retire you from office!

We will have voter registration forms at the Tea Party to register new voters. We plan to continue our protests until real fiscal conservatives are back in control in Washington D.C. We are asking for your help in three key areas:

1) Most importantly, please make plans to attend the Tea Party on Wednesday, April 15th from 7 - 10:15 pm at the State Capitol. Bring signs, flags, and lots of energy to demonstrate your frustration with our elected officials. Bring as many of your friends, family members, and coworkers as you can! Remember wooden stakes/sticks are not allowed; not even on flags.

2) Please help make the Tea Party a success through your tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, or even $200. We need money to have a stage built, audio-visual equipment, supplies and many other items. We plan to have big screen TV's so everyone will have good view of the event no matter where they are standing. Sean Hannity will be broadcasting his show live . America will be watching the Atlanta Tea Party and we want to have a big impact. We have many speakers lined up, including Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, John Rich, of the country act " Big and Rich", and many others. "Joe The Plumber" might even stop by. Our focus is on the grassroots movement so we don't have big name sponsors. We depend on you, the grassroots. Our estimated costs just for the stage and audio-visual equipment is $ 25,000.

3) If you are a business owner, please consider a $500 (or more) sponsorship of the Tea Party. Sponsors of $ 500.00 or more will be recognized at the event . You may contact me for more information. Donations may be made using the FreedomWorks Foundation web site listed below. Please email Brendan Steinhauser and let him know that you just made an online donation and want it to go to the Atlanta Tea Party. Please copy me in on the email as well.

Donate Here
Brendan Steinhauser BSteinhauser@freedomworks.org
Debbie Dooley debbie0040@yahoo.com

We know from our proud history that when American citizens come together to fight against unjust taxes, we can bring about change. Now is the time to send a message to our lawmakers. Please help us in making the Atlanta Tea Party a huge success. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Opiniion: Government's GM Plan Requires Political Will

The United States government is essentially taking on the role of bankruptcy court as General Motors works to salvage and restructure the venerable – and now very vulnerable – American business, says Ray Hill, a former investment banker and assistant professor in the practice of finance at Emory University's Goizueta Business School who teaches managerial economics and finance.

"The government has the chance to do it right and help GM avoid bankruptcy, but the question is will they have the political will to do so – for example, can they push the UAW hard enough to bring labor costs into line with the global industry? In addition, can they avoid too much interference with business decisions?" Hill says. "The problem is when political considerations get in the way of good business decisions. For example, you don't want the government telling car companies to make little cars that no one wants."

The government may end up concluding that bankruptcy is the only way to achieve the drastic changes that are required, Hill says.

Winners and losers under the government plan include bondholders, who will lose regardless, but could come out better under the government's plan. If the plan fails, the United Auto Workers have the most to lose under standard bankruptcy laws since they will be in line with other creditors, Hill says.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ALIPAC: Mexico's Fox touts EU-like integration for the Americas

Just another thing for us to worry about. It seems that these days a sane person can't turn on the tv, boot up the computer or listen to the radio without hearing something that could potentially destroy America as it was intended to be.

Mexico's Fox Calls on Obama To Proceed With North American Union
Source Link

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox was in San Antonio Friday, delivering a wide-ranging address about U.S.-Mexico relations that touched on trade, the drug war, comprehensive immigration reform and the United States' "mammoth" financial crisis that has spread worldwide.

Fox also delivered a message of hope - hope that someday Canada, the United States and Mexico, indeed the rest of Latin America, would function like the European Union.

"It's an extremely successful model," said Fox, whose wife, Marta SahagĂșn, accompanied him. "My vision is to speed up the process of further integration."

Fox was in town to address the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute's Future Leaders Conference, held at the UTSA Main Campus. He received four rousing standing ovations from the crowd, many of them student business majors.

The event was hosted by the University of Texas at San Antonio's College of Business.

Fox acknowledged the difficulty of establishing a European Union-like structure in the Americas, given those who'd oppose it. But Fox said, "Hope is back again," referring to the new U.S. president and the United States' "capacity to fight for ideals."

"The border between Mexico and the United States is not as fluid, stable or open as the border with Canada," Fox said. "This certainly is because there is a huge difference in the levels of development."

Fox hailed the success of the North American Free Trade Alliance even as a student in the audience questioned its societal impact and inability to create jobs for Mexican citizens.

"It has happened," Fox said of Mexico's job creation. Before NAFTA, annual "per capita income was $3,500. Today it is $8,500, three-fold growth."

Fox also spoke of Mexico's war against drug cartels and its impact on "perhaps the most dynamic border in the world." He reiterated comments made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week, in which she said "insatiable" U.S. drug consumption drives the war.

Indeed, Fox conceded that more of his own citizens are engaging in drug use as cartels look for new markets.

And while he lamented how the terror attacks of 9-11 quashed potential plans for comprehensive immigration reform, supported by then-President George W. Bush, Fox expressed hope that President Barrack Obama would take up the charge.