Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rove: Is the Administration Winging It?

Karl Rove, former senior advisor to President George W. Bush, provides his opinion on the early leadership shown by President Barack Obama. His words appear to echo so much of what is being said out and about in local communities.

Is the Administration Winging It?
Karl Rove
Wall Street Journal Editorial
February 18, 2009

Team Obama demonstrated remarkable discipline during the presidential campaign. From raising an unprecedented amount of money to milking every advantage from the Internet to grabbing lots of delegates from inexpensive caucus states, they left nothing to chance.

And now the administration has scored a major legislative victory in an extraordinarily short period of time. Less than 700 hours after taking the oath of office, President Barack Obama signed the largest spending bill in American history.

Nevertheless, this fast start can't overcome a growing sense the administration is winging it on issues large and small.....

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