Monday, January 5, 2009

Looks like Franken has stolen the election...

I've been loosely keeping up with what most of us felt was a travesty waiting for an already-known conclusion. It's finally happened and Franken has stolen the election. We can only hope that in the next election the failed clown is booted by the electorate.

Anatomy of Franken's Election Theft
Franken Certified, But Not Declared 'Winner'
Republican Lawyers Detail Franken Vote Fraud
Pawlenty Raps Supreme Court over Recount

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John Emerson said...

Minnesota has had more Republican Senators than Democrats over the last thirty years. The election process is honest. It was just a very, very close election (the margin is 0.01% or less.) If you look more closely, you will find that you are wrong. Coulter, Hannity, Lott, Limbaugh, and the WSJ are not telling you the real story.

Coleman will have his day in court, but he doesn't have a very good case.