Sunday, June 7, 2009

Emergency Filing: Chrysler Creditors Take Obama to Supreme Court

Emergency Filing: Chrysler Creditors Take Obama to Supreme Court
by: Bill Dupray

This is nothing short of Americans asking the Judiciary Branch to step in and exercise its check and balance powers to stop an out-of-control Executive Branch. Our Republic is held together by such power, and in this instance, the Supreme Court is the last bulwark against an authoritarian president nationalizing a private company and extinguishing Constitutionally protected contract and property rights to reach his goal of giving the company to his political allies.

From WSJ.

A group of Indiana pension funds opposed to Chrysler LLC's sale to Fiat SpA filed an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court to stay the sale while they continue their attempts to block it. . . .

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chicagobluesgirl said...

I hope to God they win. I am genuinely terrified at this point in the power "The One" has amassed.

There are several lawsuits that could be brought against the Bamster: For example:

There is a petition to stop ACORN from accessing the money he's bequeathed them (4 billion) which will garner a single political majority party in 2012 when you add the illegals and their votes.

To read about this and sign yet another petition, see:

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