Sunday, August 24, 2008

More on the PUMA Party

Seems there's not just one website, there are blogs, there are websites and there is discontent in Obama-land. I was amazed at the number of sites and blogs for PUMA and other groups. It seems they've been banding together. I wonder how much the media is going to allow us to hear about these groups and their actions at the Dem Convention? I see that some of the major news media outlets have done bits on PUMA and others, so maybe we will hear if they do something interesting at the convention. Whatcha think?

There are way too many sites to list here. I'd suggest you go do a search on PUMA putting in some of the words (Party, Unity, etc.:. Here's a couple of sites and a video to get your started if you don't want to do a search.:

Community News You Can Use

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